What is Avoiceo?
Avoiceo is a management portal that sits between hardware such as the Amazon Echo and AWS (Amazon Web Services). It provides an in-room voice assisted guest experience and provides real-time guest information.

Does it connect to other things in the room?
It can do. Although we would advise that this is secondary to actually getting the devices and Avoiceo in to your guest rooms. Avoiceo is primarily a voice-based skill set that will enable your guests to request information as and when they need it without the need to phone the front desk or consult the information books, saving you time and providing the guest with a better all-round experience.

Can I order room service through Avoiceo?
Yes you can, depending on your PMS system. Unfortunately this isn’t part of the plug and play solution that Avoiceo provides and would require some additional integration work. We can talk this through with your integrations partner to make sure you get the solution you need.

Does the Amazon Echo work as normal with Avoiceo?
Yes. The Echo will function out of the box as normal with all the features you’d expect, but, with the added Avoiceo service helping to provide your guest with an even better experience.

What happens if someone steals a device from the room?
The liability for the device would sit with the hotel, Avoiceo would not be responsible for hotel security. Although, we can provide recommendations on securing the devices to avoid this.

Can we fix the devices to the furniture?
Avoiceo can provide recommendations on fixing the device, however this will be at the hotels discretion.

What does the Avoiceo Reception Dashboard show me?
The dashboard is tailored to your specific needs. Avoiceo takes the data and collates this into an intuitive dashboard so you can see common requests from your guests, time savings and unanswered questions. During our onboarding and consultation stage we will work with you to build the dashboard to your exact requirements.

Can the Avoiceo Dashboard be amended after setup?
Yes. The dashboard is completely self-service. Avoiceo will provide you with basic training on the portal, then you can customise the dashboard to show whatever stats you require.

Does Avoiceo really save me money?
Yes. Avoiceo can save you money in a number of ways. Our onboarding team can discuss this with you.

How does Avoiceo save on operating costs?
The Avoiceo Reception Dashboard displays your total savings based on a number of factors. Avoiceo has been designed to replace the in-room guest information packs, saving you money on print and design costs, as well as giving back time to your staff to invest in other areas.

Do I need to use an integrations partner for installation?
No. The installation of Avoiceo is very simple, it can even be self-installed if required. Our solution is designed to work directly out-of-the-box, no need for complicated installations.

Can Avoiceo install for me?
Yes. We provide an installation and setup service. Cost will be provided on application based on number of rooms you have.

How much does Avoiceo cost?
Cost for Avoiceo is on application. The cost depends on a number of factors including how many properties are being setup, how many rooms each property has and other variants that shape the overall cost. As an example, a property with over 150 rooms could be looking at no more than £1 per room per week.

Can the devices play music?
Yes. The Amazon Echo device functions as normal out of the box so access to Amazon Music and Spotify Freemium are available.

What happens if Amazon release software updates or new hardware?
Avoiceo software will be updated automatically as and when updates are available. These updates will be included within the package agreement price and ongoing support. Avoiceo is not a hardware provider, so unfortunately updating the devices will be at the hotels discretion.

Does Avoiceo only work with the Amazon Echo?
Currently yes. However, we are continually developing the product and will be releasing a solution to work with Google Home products soon.

What about GDPR and safeguarding the privacy of guests?
Avoiceo is fully committed to the safety and privacy of guests data. Full documentation can be provided on request and can also be found in our Terms of Business.

What information is recorded using Avoiceo?
As Avoiceo only captures information following ‘ask the hotel’ this is the only data we will store on our system. We do not know individual guests names or details and/or what specific person is interacting with the system.

How do I update the system with new questions?
Once installed, Avoiceo is a self-service tool and you can add/remove questions and answers as often or as little as you like. The management of the software is all done through the Avoiceo Reception Dashboard.

What if Avoiceo doesn’t know the answer to a question?
During the onboarding process we aim to include as many requests and answers as possible, however if a guest asks something random we will preset a ‘not known’ answer. This is usually something along the lines of ‘I’m sorry, I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that please, please dial zero for reception’.

How does the system know how to update an unanswered question?
Any unanswered requests will be displayed on your Reception Dashboard and users will be prompted to provide an answer and update the system.

What if I don’t want everyone to have access to the Avoiceo Reception?
Permissions/Access Rights can be restricted by the main admin user and controlled through the portal.

What if I don’t have time to login to the Avoiceo Reception every day?
Not a problem. All registered users will receive a daily email notification from Avoiceo each morning, highlighting important stats and requests that may need your attention.